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That irritating neighbour

Yeah it’s right as a human, we love few people and there are few individuals we put them in the category of “we like them” and there are few people “we love to hate them” but why? Is there anything in them that simply triggers something inside us? Okay we may say they are simply irritating. Although they may have never hurt you intentionally but any way we still we got annoyed by their mere presence. Their presence is enough to get on our nerves. I am damn sure you must know a person or two who belongs to this category.
There is a woman just next to my home she is in her forties or early fifties right now, she have three kids and a caring husband. From the day she got married and arrived in our neighborhood her network of gossiping started, within a week or so she became “favourite” of every agony aunt. They talked about everything from dressing code of young girls to the behaviour of young boys. Soon she was labeled BBC by teenagers in our area.
Even she started to advice every cha…

Struggle of the superwoman ..... the bestseller on it's way

Well it is little exaggerating on my part to say that my upcoming book is going to be a best seller, definitely I am very confident about my book and I know the book is very natural, it's a self help book, in this book I am sharing my working experience as a consultant with Supriya and Namit Jain for their company "Shimmer bespoke Jewellery".

Their sweet and salty relation created a very cheerful environment for me and during that time I learned many things from them as well. It is not a hardcore business book that will teach you how to make loads of money over night, but one thing is for sure their success as entrepreneurs is commendable.

So take a journey with them and learn some of the best business secrets.

Good luck for your journey ahead.

Khushwant Singh      .