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That small tax

I do believe in god and so does in fairies, maybe I am little immature or simply gone nuts but I know a guy who is not a saint or a traditional religious person but I am damn sure he is the man of god. Three days back I was about to leave for my office when I noticed Daler Singh, he is an aged man must be in his late fifties or early sixties, I greeted him and he smiled back and as I was about to ask him about his health he caught hold of a little kid who was carrying some candies.
That kid was new in our block and his young parents just shifted in a flat adjacent to my home. Then he said “give me two candies or two kisses” the kid was looking at his candies and he must have counted them in his mind. There were four candies, the clever smile on Daler Singh’s face made him insecure. The thought of sharing those wonderful sweets was too terrible for that kid and kissing Daler Singh was not that good either.
He was about to cry and his expression were about to change and exactly at that…

The struggle of the superwoman ......... my new book

As an author nothing excites you more than an exclusive display of your new book, especially when your book is being displayed at one of the most prestigious book stores in Delhi, Famous Book store located at Janpath New Delhi .... YES.... my new book "Struggle of the superwoman" is launched and it is available at all leading book stores through out India, by next week my book will be available at Amazon and Flipkart as well.

Silent night ..

Sometimes we do come across jewels that are priceless, the movie “Silent night” is one of them. One lonely night I did come across this masterpiece on youtube, when generally we do talk about great movies we swear by their stories or the marvelous actors who gave their very best shots.
To describe this movie in words is very difficult; it’s a story of pure emotions and humanity. I can’t put together enough words to describe that, and I am sure you will love that.

Khushwant Singh

Mulberry tree and childhood

It was a typical hot and dry evening of Delhi as I reached my home that day, as I removed my shoes and made myself a little comfortable I got a call from a dear friend. He was waiting in a parking place which was earlier used by kids as a play ground when I was a kid, a ground where I spent many afternoons and evenings as a kid playing with my friends, the ground right next to my home. He had to go somewhere and he wanted me to accompany him. I told him to either wait patiently in his car for fifteen minutes or come inside, he took the second option.
As we returned barely after few minutes we noticed his sparkling new car was covered with mulberries. The seasonal fruit mulberry is not considered sellable not at least in Delhi these days. He started his car and said “Khushwant” time has really changed, I nodded in yes. On our way to the other corner of Delhi I was pushed back into my childhood. There was a time when I used to climb that same mulberry tree; dark red colored mulberrie…