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Do we really learn?

"Stop yelling" I said that to one of my close friends, as I entered his office. He was boiling with anger and after sometime he said "that idiot never learns" as he was referring to his employee. I was smiling and said "few weeks back you were regretting because two of your oldest employees left your company because you yelled at them and for that reason you suffered a lot" when I pointed that he said "I really don't know what happens to me, but what I can really do? they never learn"  

As a human do we really learn? I am putting this question forward to myself and to all my friends. We crib every time when someone close to us repeats the mistake, for which we do quarrel with them. We justify our behavior when we yell at someone by saying he/she never learns, now the same question is forwarded to you, did you learned anything from past behavior.

You yell, you ask for forgiveness and then you repeat again.

Now the question arises, what we sh…

Shopping like a maniac then go ahead and read this ...

A new credit card bill arrives and you crib again, but why? Eventually you are paying for the product or services you had purchased. Let me guess, it was simply an impulse buying and now you are in a much known trouble. Financial trouble.

No, I am not going to give you tips on money saving or anything like that but I will give the the real reason behind your manic behavior.

BOREDOM the word that is driving every one crazy, people spend loads of money simply to entertain themselves but their condition do get worse with every passing day just like a drug addict.

I will recommend you something very traditional "MEDITATION"

lets say you have many chores in your hands, the very first question a person ask himself/herself, do I have any time for something like meditation. I will ask you only one question you have great career, great partner and everything great that you really dreamed about, but are you happy?

Definitely life is not killing you, but we do realize that something …