About me

Putting simply I am a business motivator who help business owners to cultivate customer loyalty, increase profit margins and achieve their financial targets. All that matters is - money. Compliments help but they don't pay the bills, only money makes the world go around. So I motivate the business owners, train their staff and help turn things around.

After my graduation, I attempted several professions, right from being a trainee in a clothing store to handling manufacturing unit of truck bodies, from selling plywood to dabbling in interiors. There was hardly anything I hadn't tried. But none of it was as delectable as the taste of motivation! I was blessed with the gift of the gab and within 2 years of successfully helping people change their karmas, I was finally confident of sharing it on a larger platform. It helped me to be one of the highest-paid motivation speakers. Since last decade, I have been invited by several schools/ colleges in India and abroad to conduct sessions on motivating people those are attached to them.

If you've read this far, then that's the reason to keep me going. The positive side of my compassion is that I work at my own pace, enjoy family time and most of all because it's gratifying to see those who are struggling to actually turn their lives around.

I have authored 3 books till now, Untold Love Stories from India, Money: simple ways to make more, and Unanswered Prayers, kindly visit My Book section to learn more about it.

The style of working these days is visibly different from the seventies and the eighties. The same techniques that worked for your forefathers may not hold ground in today's cutting edge scenario. Which is where I come in. I identify your problem areas and then help you to find out suitable solutions. I can visit your premises, advise you and your team or you can visit my studio and take part in the workshops. Whether you're doctor, retailer, wholesaler play-school owner or company owner, it doesn't matter. I know I can help you...

You need my help..... If
  • You've invested huge amounts in your business and still need to invest more.
  • Your customer bargains in spite of you offering competitive prices.
  • You're still struggling financially despite years of experience and hard work.
  • If employees use your company as stepping stones to climb higher up.
  • Money spent on advertising does not yield adequate results.
  • Your circumstances are pulling you down.
  • Your expenses are mounting with no relief in sight.
  • Your margins are less and the competition is tough.
  • Your location does not bring in enough foot-fall.

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