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Monday mornings

There is something great about Monday mornings few people are excited because they are heading towards there office and they do have a great plan chalked out for the whole week, but for the few people it is depressing because they are caught in the wrong jobs are they are facing some other problems in their careers or lives.

I will say if you are feeling anxious about your situation then start reading few books on motivation and self help when ever you have some free time with you, yes I know we want only quick results and self help books and other motivational crap is boring because every second man these days do preach us and becomes a motivational speaker.

Believe me you can never give an opinion on something that you have never tried, and motivational and self help books are also one of them. Try it, taste it and I am damn sure it is going to change your life for better. It changed my life, and it will change yours as well.

So have a great Monday, and do something new today. Inst…