Struggle of the superwoman ..... the bestseller on it's way

Well it is little exaggerating on my part to say that my upcoming book is going to be a best seller, definitely I am very confident about my book and I know the book is very natural, it's a self help book, in this book I am sharing my working experience as a consultant with Supriya and Namit Jain for their company "Shimmer bespoke Jewellery".

Their sweet and salty relation created a very cheerful environment for me and during that time I learned many things from them as well. It is not a hardcore business book that will teach you how to make loads of money over night, but one thing is for sure their success as entrepreneurs is commendable.

So take a journey with them and learn some of the best business secrets.

Good luck for your journey ahead.

Khushwant Singh      .  


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